“A” is for ADDICTION – The Mommy Kidnapper

ALittle Man was only three years old when his mommy was kidnapped by Addiction. This was the second time she’d been taken by the persistent thief.

Little Man wasn’t born yet when Addiction crept in the first time. In fact, Little Man’s arrival seemed to keep the cruel kidnapper at bay. Mommy found a renewed strength and was able to escape Addiction’s grip … for a little while.

But Addiction was stubborn and didn’t want to give up possession of Little Man’s beautiful mommy. So he attacked again. This time, he snuck up from behind. Nobody saw him coming.

The first time Mommy was abducted, she was in high school (and, of course, she wasn’t a mommy yet).

The kidnapper could be seen from miles away. Mommy’s parents identified him, hidden in the shadow of her friends. He thought he was being inconspicuous, but his presence was obvious.

Mommy’s folks tried to pull her away from Addiction’s impending clutch, but once he untitledrealized he’d been seen, he moved in quickly and dug his claws in deep.

Mommy became his.

Addiction took her away from her family for two years, hiding her in dark circles.

He thought he’d won.

But Mommy’s parents kept praying. They may not have known where their little girl was, but God knew and He protected her. Eventually, she broke free from the chains in which Addiction had shackled her.

The prayers of Mommy’s parents were answered!

Mommy returned and a few weeks later, on Christmas Eve, she announced that Little Man was on his way.

She was four months pregnant and three months sober.

When Little Man was born, Mommy showered him with love and affection. She was determined to give him a good life and to keep Addiction far away from her beloved son.

But Addiction was stubborn. He wanted Mommy back and Little Man meant nothing to him.

Addiction waited patiently. He knew his mission would fail if he returned too quickly. He couldn’t be as obvious as he was before.

This time, nobody saw the kidnapper’s approach. He tiptoed around Mommy for a while, hiding in the shadows, lurking around corners.

Mommy kept her eyes peeled, but Addiction looked different this time. She didn’t recognize him.

His disguise was brilliant. He came as a friend, there to love her and make her stronger. He promised to give her a more fulfilled life and remove the emptiness she was feeling. He tricked her into trusting him.

“I love you, even more than your family does,” he whispered. “I can help you give Little Man the life he deserves.”

He explained to Mommy that he had changed, just like she had.

“This time,” he assured, “things will be different for us.”

Life was hard when Addiction finally seeped through the walls of Mommy’s house again. Mommy was struggling. Bills, work, relationships … all were promising continued heartache.

But Addiction offered his own promises and, in time, Mommy was desperate to believe them. She let the thief return, based on his pledge to behave.

“I promise,” he lied, “you’re in control this time.”

Addiction moved in quietly. He didn’t kick the door in and Mommy’s family didn’t see him approaching. By the time they noticed his arrival, he had already stolen Mommy away, leaving only her hollow shell behind.

Little Man and Mommy lost everything – their house, their car, and each other.

When Little Man was taken from Mommy and placed in his grandparent’s care, he was broken inside.

“My heart is sad,” he cried, as he was tucked into his new bed.

How could he possibly understand that Addiction had dragged his mother away right in front of his eyes?

He couldn’t. Nobody could.

It took more than a year, but Little Man and his grandparents continued to pray. With every “amen” and each tear shed, Addiction’s grip loosened until finally, it had slackened enough so Mommy could drag him into rehab with her.

When they checked in, Addiction held tightly to Mommy’s side. “Don’t do this to us,” he begged. “I’ve been here for you when nobody else was.”

But Mommy did it anyway.

Eventually, Mommy got stronger and Addiction weakened. Like the wicked witch, he melted away, squealing in defeat and promising to return again.


Little Man and Mommy have been reunited for two years now. Mommy has a beautiful house and Little Man is thriving.

Addiction lost that round. But he’s somewhere out there … contriving another sinister plan to kidnap Little Man’s mommy.

This time though, Mommy remains vigilant. She respects Addiction for the manipulator hetumblr_m6jspuL9U91qiza0eo1_500 is.

I am Little Man’s grandma. His Papa and I watched over him after Addiction kidnapped our daughter and we thank God regularly for returning Little Man’s mommy to us.

If Addiction is stealing away your family, fight him. Fight hard. Pray daily.

And when he is defeated, keep your eyes open. He is evil and he is deceptive. But he’s not smarter than us.

He can be beaten!


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