“F” – FOOEY! My Husband’s Mistress (Chocolate) Must Go!

F“No chocolate for you,”

The doctor declared

“You have diabetes,

Now go get prepared.


Clean out all your cupboards

And dump all the pie

For if you should eat it,

You surely might die.


No rice, no spaghetti

No cookies and cream,”

But when he said “chocolate,”

I heard Edward scream.


“No chocolate?” Ed cried,

“You must be mistaken!

I can’t live without it!”

His voice started shakin’.


“Those chocolaty coco’s,

My breakfast each day

Will not understand

If I toss them away!”


“It’s egg-whites for you!”

The doctor replied.

“Your chocolaty cravings

Must now be denied!”


But Edward and chocolate

Had always been pals

His love for her lasted

Beyond other gals


How could they part ways

After all of these years?

That darn diabetes

Brought Edward to tears.


To test his blood sugar

And live with a pump

Was nothing compared

To a full chocolate dump.


Pricking his finger

Throughout every day

Was simple, but

Throwing his chocolate away?


My husband was facing

A true lifestyle change,

To keep his blood glucose

Within normal range.


He must walk away

When chocolate is near,

Or else “come and get me,”

Is all that he’ll hear.


Chocolate, the temptress,chocolate whore 1

My husband’s old flame,

is part  of our past now,

It’s just such a shame.


I know my dear Edward

Is missing his treat,

Now green beans and turkey

Is all he can eat!


Then, finally it hit him,

He said it aloud,

“I can’t have my chocolate,”

And he held his head proud.


“Fooey!” said Edward,

“No chocolate for me,

I guess I’ll just stick with

What’s all sugar free.”


But Edward’s a fighter

He often still tries

To sneak in “real” chocolate

And hide it with lies.


But evidence lingers,

A smudge on his skin,

And I know he and chocolate

Were at it again.


“You know you can’t do that,”

I’ll remind, with a frown.

“It was only a nibble,”

He’ll reply, looking down.


He’ll eat sugar free stuff,

His healthier pal,

But nothing compares to

His old chocolate gal.


I thought it was over,

His chocolate affair,

But he still sneaks to see her

They’re a stubborn ole’ pair!


When I heard, “no more chocolate,”

The doctor’s decree,

I thought, “Now my husband

Can focus on me.”


But still, that sweet chocolate,

She tickles his fancy

And he always indulges

Though he knows it is chancy.


“Fooey! No chocolate!”

Those words were so hollow,

For where chocolate’s hiding

My husband will follow.


My Edward is stubbornChocolate whore 2

Diabetes is more

But the most stubborn minded

Is chocolate – that whore!





7 thoughts on ““F” – FOOEY! My Husband’s Mistress (Chocolate) Must Go!

    • Hi Lillian,

      Thanks for your comment! I hope you don’t struggle in giving up your addiction to Coke, like Edward has struggled with chocolate!! It’s amazing how these things can get such a grip on us! Good luck with saying good-bye to Coke (I have to admit, there’s nothing like a nice, cold glass of Cola!)

      I’ve enjoyed reading your blog! Glad I found you! 🙂


    • Hi Charlotte,

      I’m so excited to hear from you, all the way from the UK (I’m in California!)

      I just checked out your blog and am looking forward to following it. Thanks for finding me and giving me the opportunity to get to know you and your writings!

      Glad you liked my “F” post!
      Shawny Lou


    • Hi Tena,

      I doubt many people struggle with giving up chocolate as much as Mr. Edward has! He’s a pretty strong-minded person, but when it comes to chocolate, he just loses it!!

      Thank you for finding and following my blog. I’ve enjoyed following you and checking out your daily posts on the A-Z Challenge! Looking forward to more!

      Shawny Lou


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