GGo ahead. Admit it. We all have a little Gomorrah in us, right?

Well, I Guess it’s hard to admit if you don’t know what I’m Getting at when I say Gomorrah.


In various religious texts, Gomorrah was a city filled with sin, corruption, and depravity.

The Bible leads one to believe that Gomorrah’s residents devalued God’s laws through adultery, fornication, and a Grip of other depravities. Depending on who you talk to, the city was filled with child and sexual abuse, murder, Greed, Gluttony, and downright debauchery.


Haven’t we all messed up a time or two? Don’t we continue to mess up? I don’t want to be preachy but the Bible calls it sin and I’m pretty Good at it! While I’m sure we all do it, I Guess it’s only fair if I speak for my own Ghoulishness.

Gosh, I’d like to look at the Ghastly Goings-on in Gomorrah and excuse myself from Guilt, but I’m not Gonna!

A sin is a sin. Nobody wants to be put in the Gomorrah category, but Get over it. We’re not perfect. Neither was Gomorrah.

So, when I say we all have a little Gomorrah in us, here’s where I’m Going. We all have something (at least one thing) inside of us that needs work.

Get it?


The other day, I was thinking about how easy it is to Gawk at others and Gasp at the things they say and do. If we Got serious and Guided our attention to how often we Govern others in our minds, Silently-judging-you_rect-500x500-300x300we might surprise ourselves.

“Oh my Gosh! Look at that Girl’s Grungy hair. Gross!”

“Good Gracious. Did you hear the Grisly thing that Guy said? Makes me wanna Gag!”

“ErGGGG. I’m so Glad we don’t Go to that God-forsaken church!”

“Did you see that dumb Gal? She pulled out in front of me. Get her off the road!!”

“I’m not Going to that Grocery story. All the customers are so Grotesque.”

Okay, you get the point.

But, while we’re so Good at Gathering the Guilt of others, it’s interesting how Gracious we are to our own misdoings.

If we tell a lie, it was for Good reason.

When we Go over the line (sexually, verbally, financially, etc.), we can overlook it.

We rationalize that we’re Good people. Our Ghoulish thoughts or behaviors aren’t as Gross as those of others.

I’ve often been Guilty of saying, “Wow. Gretta and Gibby are so Good at judging others. They need to take a Gander in the mirror and Get to work on their own problems.”

But I’ve Gotta be honest, I’m the Gal who needs to Get a Grip! Why am I Grappling over Gretta and Gibby?


The truth is, we all Gaze in the mirror … and when we do, we Get to our problems. But they’re the wrong problems!

We Get stuck in the Gutter of our exterior appearance and never Go past it. We never Get to the Gut of the matter.

We Gush about our wrinkles, Gray hairs, and pimples. We Gather a list of every physical Grossness we see. It’s kind of Goofy if you think about it. Of the imperfections we Grab hold of, most are never noticed by other people.

But rest assured, my Good friend! While others don’t Grasp our exterior flaws, chances are they’ve noticed our interior Gunk! They’re just too Gracious to tell us the truth. Maybe they’ve looked at us, wishing we’d Gaze in the mirror and Get to the Gut of who we are.

But we never will if we’re Getting stuck in the Gutter.

judging-othersGosh! I’m so Guilty of being a Gutter Gripper!

Thinking about it now, I’ve read about the city of Gomorrah in the Bible and Gagged at the thought of their Gluttonous ways. In my mind, the residents of Gomorrah sinned in a Grossly more Grandiose manner than I would ever Get to. I Guess I could even say, I felt like I was Greater than them.


On the opposite side of the Gate, was Gethsemane. Yesterday, as I was Getting Gussied up for my day, I Gazed in the mirror. As usual, I Gathered my list of physical faults. The list seems to Grow by the minute!

But then I decided to Get past the Gutter.

“What if God Gave us a body zipper that ran from the top of our heads to the bottoms of our feet?” I wondered. “What if we could unzip it and Get to the Gut of who we are?”

What would I Gaze at if I unzipped myself and looked inside? How much Gomorrah would come Gushing out?

Then I Grasped a thought.

The night before He was betrayed, Jesus Got on his knees in the Garden of Gethsemane. He Gave His will over to God. He was humble and Gracious for the Gifts God had Graced Him with and He opened Himself up to the Good Father’s prompting.

I realized I’ve spent a Good many years allowing my spirit to be stuck in Gomorrah. Pride, self-righteousness, and Gluttony have Gripped me with their Grapplers.images1DH67H22

It’s time for me to Get to Gethsemane. I want my soul to be Grounded in the Garden. I want to become humble and stop Grinding Guilt into other people when I have plenty to Glean within myself.

I’m going to Give it all I’ve Got and shine a spotlight on my Gomorrah. I know I won’t be Giddy as I Get to the Grit of what Grapples me, but until I do, I’ll never fully Grasp the Gifts God has Given me.

Starting today, I’m Going to Get out of the Gutter and seek the Gangway to Gethsemane.

Once I find it, I’m going to Gallop into the Garden and Get on my knees. If I don’t, I’ll never Grasp the humility, inner strength, and submission to God that I’d Given up all these years.


I’m grateful that you read this post. It’s Given me a Good opportunity to commit that I’m Going to work on myself.

When we Give a verbal commitment, we’re less likely to Give up on our Goals.

I want to be a better Girl. While I know I won’t be Glad when I discover the Garbage I’ve stored in Gomorrah, I’m Grateful to know that God will Guide me to the Garden if I just keep Going!

My Goal:

I’m Going to try to Glean one issue at a time and focus on it until it’s Gone from Gomorrah. I expect to suffer some Grief as I work through each Guilt, but now that I’ve Given you this promise, I’m Gonna do it!!

Does anybody else out there feel stuck in Gomorrah?

Good Golly! Let’s Get to the Garden together!



4 thoughts on ““G” – GOOD GOLLY, I GOTTA GET to the GARDEN!

  1. Your posts have been Great! (See what I did there? 😉 ) Seriously, though, they have really been opening my eyes to you and the suffering you’ve had but you always seem to have a smile on your face no matter what. At least in pictures anyway. Well, the courage you’re showing in your writing to be open and honest is amazing and I’m learning from them, my friend! Can’t wait for the rest of the alphabet!


    • I love it! Good Going, Laura! (Oh Gosh! I can’t stop!)

      I’m Glad (errg) you’re enjoying these daily posts. It warms my heart to know that you’re touched by them.

      I love you and THANK YOU for being so supportive. BLESSED to call you friend. 🙂


    • Amen! And sometimes we get so used to stumbling around in the dark, we don’t even realize that God’s given us a light switch. We just have to look for it!

      I’ve spent way too much time forgetting about that light switch! Erggg!


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