“J” is for the JEZEBEL Spirit – She Was a Naughty Girl!

J The spirit of Jezebel, evil indeed

She’ll crush you in seconds

So I beg you, take heed

She rests on your shoulder

Destruction’s her goal

And if you should let her

She’ll suck out your soul

(Warning: Sensitive topic & you may not agree. Opinions vary, but who knows! Maybe you’ll find it interesting!)


Recently, I attended a class on “Spiritual Warfare”. It was fascinating to hear about the spirit world (good and bad) and how they surround us in our daily lives.

Jezebel was one of the first spirits the pastor talked about. He said that many people believe that the spirit of Jezebel still influences us today.

If she’s real, it explained a few things as to why certain people may behave the way they do.


Hmmm. Jezebel. How do I introduce her to you properly?

Well, she’s a Biblical character, but not a nice one. Her story is found in 1 and 2 Kings.

The information that follows is a mix of what I learned from the “Spiritual Warfare” class, as well as information I obtained from two websites:

  1. http://www.gotquestions.org/Jezebel-spirit.html. / http://www.gotquestions.org/who-Baal.html#ixzz2yaVuCOjm
  2. http://www.jezebelspirit.net/


Jezebel was a daughter of Ethbaal, a cruel and revolting king who considered himself a god.

  • Ethbaal promoted the worship of sexual degradation and lewdness
There are varying depictions of Baal. Here's one.

There are varying depictions of Baal. Here’s one.

  •  Jezebel married Ahab (king of Israel) and they led the nation to worship Baal
    • Baal was a god whose definition varied, depending on which region of the ancient world you were in. In short, his worship was about sensuality and ritualistic prostitution in temples (I bet some of you are thinking, “that doesn’t sound so bad,” but read on)
    • To please (or appease) Baal required human sacrifice (told ya – he was a bad dude)
      • The sacrifice was usually the firstborn of the one making the sacrifice (Jeremiah 19:5); Not cool
    • Baal’s priests tried to please their god through uninhibited recklessness and craziness, like screaming wildly and self-inflicting injury (1 Kings 18:28)



That darn Jezebel was obsessed with dominating and controlling others. She wasn’t a fan of Israelites who worshipped God (Jesus’s dad) over Baal and conducted a persistent operation to get rid of these individuals and anything that represented their beliefs.

elijah-call-down-fireOne of these individuals was Elijah, who challenged her to a duel between God (Jesus’s dad), Jezzy, and Baal’s priests (1 Kings 18).

Jesus’s dad won, but Jezzy was stubborn and refused to admit that Baal may not be the right god to be following.

In her resentment, she vowed to take Elijah’s life.

Her pigheadedness would end up leading to her gruesome demise (2 Kings 9:29-37).


Jezzy and her husband, Ahab were used to getting what they wanted. One day, they decided they’d like to have the land of this dude named Naboth.

Naboth said, “no way,” and refused to sell.

Ahab, not used to being told “no”, went home and sulked, but Jezzy was not so easily swayed. Disgusted by Ahab’s wimpy attitude, she decided to take things into her own hands.

She framed Naboth and had him stoned to death. His sons were also stoned to death (she was cruel to the bone). Stoning Naboth’s sons ensured there would be no heirs and the land would automatically become the king’s.


Jezzy was resolute to have her way, no matter who she had to abolish. This is one of her most profound characteristics.

Thank goodness our little munchkins aren’t as thick-headed as Jezebel was. She was a real *&@*.


Okay, finally getting to the point …

In the last book of the Bible (Revelation 2:18-29), Jesus refers to Jezebel in a warning to the church. It’s believed He was using Jezzy as an example of how NOT to behave (immoral, following false teaching, idolatry, refusing to admit she’s wrong … those sorts of things).

Basically, He says that those who succumb to the Jezebel spirit will be punished, in this life and the hereafter (eternity is a long time, or so I hear).

So, when people refer to others as having a “Jezebel spirit”, they’re saying that others are acting in the same way Jezzy did (engaging in lots of unsavory behaviors)!

Some in the church believe that Jezebel’s spirit is sent by satan to influence people today. It’s said that, if somebody is behaving in a Jezzy-type manner, look over their shoulder. There’s a chance that the spirit of Jezebel is hovering nearby.



  1. Unhealthy competition between husband and wife
  2. Women try to control their husbands
  3. Angry and passive-aggressive husbands


  1. Someone who believes he/she is right all the time; always has to win and will argue with you until they feel they have
  2. Uses blame and guilt to get their way
  3. Extremely defensive and will retaliate with rumors and lies to discredit anybody who accuses them of wrong-doings
  4. Prideful; refuses to receive help from somebody who truly cares
  5. False self-depreciation: “’I wish I was good enough for you,” “I’ll never be smart or pretty,” – this goes along with the guilt aspect
  6. Is always fishing for compliments
  7. Is very giving to others, but not out of love; they give to others to boost their own ego
  8. Willing to disregard others to accomplish their own agenda
  9. Twists information and confuses conversation
  10. Doesn’t offer forgiveness or closure in relationship matters; not afraid to use children against their other parent
  11. Justifies their bad behavior; has an excuse for everything
  12. Doesn’t ask for the opinions of others, seek wisdom, or exercise self-control
  13. Easily offended
  14. Thrives in rebellion or disobedience
  15. Doesn’t take advice or correction
  16. Doesn’t respect authority
  17. Never takes ownership of their own wrongdoings.
  18. Doesn’t have peace
  19. Confrontational and conflict-oriented
  20. Is moody and unpredictable
  21. Negative and disapproving


I’m guessing you may have read the bullets above and acquired an image of somebody you’ve dealt with in the past. I did.

Fact is, it’s important not to go pointing fingers.

I’m not saying the Jezebel spirit is real. I’m not saying she’s not. I’m just saying, I found it interesting to study about her and I thought you might, also!

If you do think there’s a Jezebel lurking in your midst, pray for the person to recognize and be released from her grip.

If I find out you’ve been pointing fingers and yelling, “Run! It’s a Jezebel!” I’m going to be very disappointed. Plus, I doubt that will change the behavior of the person you’re accusing.demon1

Just pray for them and don’t let anybody who you think might be influenced by Jezebel hurt or offend you. Now you know, it’s not a personal attack on YOU. It’s them who is being attacked.

Interesting website that I found when searching for Jezebel pictures.

I’m not advocating everything the website preaches, but it is thought-provoking.





5 thoughts on ““J” is for the JEZEBEL Spirit – She Was a Naughty Girl!

  1. This was really interesting. I have never heard of the Jezzy Spirit or whatever it’s called. But I do have opinions of spiritual warfare. I’m curious what spiritual warfare class you went to? Was it based off of a book or set of scriptural references? I read, “Spiritual Warfare” by Dr. Karl Payne and I have been wanting to blog about it but can’t figure out just how to get into it. It’s a touchy subject. Anyways, interesting stuff!


    • Hi Mrs. Sexy! I encourage you to check out the Jezebel Spirit on the internet. Kind of interesting. I took a spiritual warfare class at my church. My pastor, Rick Dorr created a full-scale book about the subject (not published yet but he trained using the material). There were scriptural references throughout, which was what lent to its credibility. I believe he referenced Dr. Payne at times, as well. Pastor Rick is careful to only teach based on the teachings and scriptures of the Bible. My understanding is that Payne follows that philosophy, too.

      You’re right, spiritual warfare a touchy subject, but I think many people are interested in it. It seems that, no matter what a person’s beliefs are today (in terms of faith), everybody is feeling the attacks of what could be spiritual warfare.

      Personally, I’m pretty fascinated by it.

      I just hosted a life-group (small group) at my house called “Battlefield of the Mind”, by Joyce Meyer. Another interesting study which touches on spiritual warfare!!

      Take care!
      Shawny Lou


      • Thank you for the reply! I will be looking into this subject. I have been wanting some other sources so this is great.


    • Celesta,
      Forgive me for my terribly delayed reply. Not sure why, but your comment was thrown into my Spam bucket, which I rarely check.
      Thanks for the lovely comment. Glad you enjoy the look/content of my blog. Are you a blogger? I see an email address, but that’s all that’s available to me. Be blessed and keep in touch!
      Shawny Lou


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