“K” is for KANSAS, Precious KANSAS


This is my ode to all who live in Kansas, specifically El Dorado and Leavenworth.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve played a part in my being here today.

I know many of you are still friends with my birth mom and dad, and I’m grateful to you for loving and supporting them when I popped into their lives (and thus, your lives) unannounced!

Thank you for being there, Kansas friends!

Thanks for being you!

You know I was adopted

I’ve spoke of it before

So I hope not to offend you

If I speak of it some more


My mom grew up in Kansas

El Dorado was her town

She went to school in Leavenworth

And that’s where she was found


She caught my pop’s attention

She was smart and oh so pretty

If he would not have seen her

Then it would have been a pity


Their love grew strong in Kansas

They thought that it would last

But by the time that I was planted

Their love affair had passed


She moved to Arizona

In her belly, I was growing

My father stayed in Kansas

Neither one of them was knowing


They’d made a little babyHand Adopt

A girl, to be specific

And though they could not keep me

My life has been terrific


I was born in Arizona

But my thanks goes out to Kansas

For the heart that dwells within it

Truly loves and understands us


I love sweet El Dorado

Though I’ve never quite been near it

And Leavenworth is awesome

At least, I think that’s how I hear it


Dear Kansas, how I hold you

So close unto my heart

Although we haven’t met yet

I feel we’ve never been apart


kansasI came to life in Kansas

But I don’t remember much

My heart first started beating

Through a tender Kansas touch


If not for precious Kansas

With its sunsets lined with gold

I would never fall in love or

Have my kids and then grow old


We all must start from somewhere

Two people first must meet

Attraction must connect them

Through a symphony, so sweet


They must be brought together

And resolve a special need

Before they finally cuddle

And create a little seed


No, I would not have happenedimages765F63RA

If sweet Kansas wasn’t grand

My soul would not have formed, nor

Would the fingers on my hand


Kansas, precious Kansas

El Dorado, Leavenworth

I owe you my existence

And my every breath since birth

Thank you, precious Kansas!


5 thoughts on ““K” is for KANSAS, Precious KANSAS

    • Thank you, GODisms!!! I’m so excited! I can’t believe I missed this comment from you way back at the beginning of this month! I hope it’s not too late to ACCEPT this awesome award … the Liebster Award!

      I’m going to add the questions/answers and new nominees to my post tomorrow!

      Blessed and honored.

      Thank you again, dear blogger friend, GODisms!


    • Paula,
      I LOVE (not throwing it around) when I read a comment that puts such a big smile on my face! Thank you for your comment and for throwing a smile my way, whether or not you intended to!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my “Kansas” story. There’s just something about Kansans (I think that’s the proper terminology for people who live in Kansas!) They’re so kind and genuine.
      I just looked at your blog. Wow! You are a strong woman. I admire you (for the way you live your life and for your writing).
      I look forward to reading more of your A to Z stories!
      Shawny Lou


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