“R” is for RESENTMENT Steals Contentment


Have you ever resented God for answering a prayer?

The pretty young mother

Fell straight to her knees

She’d just lost her child

Her tears filled the seas


She said to the Lord

“You’ve stolen my son!”

She was filled with resentment

“He was not even one!”


Her precious young boy

Had died in his sleep

It seems God decided

The child’s soul, to keep


The woman went on

To have one more kid

But she walked with resentment

In all that she did


“If there was a God,”

She said to a friend

“He wouldn’t have let

sweet Jacob’s life end”


Before Jacob’s birth

She’d prayed every night

That he’d be a good man

And live his life right


“I hope he loves Jesus

And understands heaven

That he takes first communion

By the time he is seven!


“If he lives a good life

Then eternity waits

His spirit will soar

Through those grand, golden gates!”


But God took her baby

After less than a year

And the rest of her life

Held resentment and fear


When she died an old lady

One cold, winter’s day

She was sad and alone

She’d pushed loved ones away


Her negative groaning

And refusal to smile

Kept her friends at a distance

And hurt her next child


When she got up to heaven

Sweet Jacob was there

His eyes shined like diamonds

And so did his hair


He was tall, strong, and handsome

He looked brave and prepared

He’d been tenderly rescued

By a Father who cared


Embracing his mother

He spoke for a while

“Had you sought the big picture

You’d have lived with a smile”


Then God interrupted

Said, I did have a reason

And if you’d have trusted

You’d have mourned just a season

You wouldn’t have lived

With a life discontented

And looked past all your gifts

To the things you resented

You would’ve believed

That I heard when you prayed

So I brought him here early

For I knew, if he stayed

He wouldn’t have known me

Or cherished my Son

When the world tried to tell him

He’d turn and he’d run

His life would be lonely

Destructive and spiteful

And despite all your efforts

His heart would be frightful

I knew if he stayed there

He’d die a cruel death

Be filled up with hatred

When he took his last breath

Since nothing and no one

Could change his direction

I brought him to heaven

Out of love and affection

 I took your sweet baby

And I knew it would grieve you

But I gave you the promise

That I never would leave you

Had Jacob have lived

A long life on the earth

In time you’d have cursed me

For granting his birth

 I wish you’d have trusted

When I took your dear lad

I was saving his spirit

Before he turned bad

Today, you see Jacob

In ethereal prime

You’ll have him forever

No limits of time

 Still, you lived your life wasted

Packed full of resentment

You chose not to trust me

You lost all contentment

You can’t understand

And I knew that you wouldn’t

But you prayed he’d be saved

If you’d kept him, he couldn’t

I created a plan

You could not see the end

So you let all your blessings

Get lost in the wind

Well, now you can see

That there’s more to the story

I just wish you’d felt peace

Knowing soon you’d have glory”


Dear friends, don’t let Resentment steal your Contentment.

Though you can’t see it now, God promises there is a reason.

Your hurting is temporary. His plan is eternal.

Photo by Aislynn Elise

Photo by Aislynn Elise




6 thoughts on ““R” is for RESENTMENT Steals Contentment

  1. Thank you for writing this!!! I am still learning how to trust God through PTSD. My childhood trauma was sooo much that I carried so much pain and hurt. I’m healing rather slowly but, quotes like this help me overcome PTSD over time. Thank you again!


    • Lalyne,
      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I think of you often and am so impressed with you. I was actually talking to Ed about you a week or so ago. How you’ve always been one of the most loving, positive people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I remember that about you, even from high school. I also remember you sharing some things about your youth that were difficult and , even though I’m confident you only shared a pinch of the bit picture, I’m amazed at how far you’ve come, just by seeing you on FB and watching your life from afar! I’m blessed to hear that my post brought you a measure of peace.
      Stay strong and persevere, my friend. Be blessed and know that you are treasured! ❤


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