“V” is for VIRGIN Query Letter, Awaiting a VERDICT

VToday, I will be heading to Orange County to attend the OC Christian Writer’s Conference (OCCWC).

Truthfully, I have no idea what to expect, but I’m hoping I’ll have a chance to present the query letters for my novel and children’s book to a few publishers and/or book agents.

I’m a virgin when it comes to writing Query Letters (well, I guess I can’t say that anymore, now that my “query letter pen” has been christened), so creating these was quite a task. I did a lot of research and hopefully, I’m on the right track.

If I get nothing else from the OCCWC, I’ll be happy to at least hear a successful industry guru give me some tips regarding what, in the letters, I need to modify.

Unlike the blog you’re presently reading, which is my personal blog, my collaborative blog, 2 Pen a Picture, focuses solely on writing. Specifically, on writing Unsung Lyrics. If you’re interested in checking out the synopsis for the story, please click here.

In the meantime, here is my very first, ever query letter; the one that stole my query letter virginity.

To all of you who have written a successful query letter in the past, I welcome your advice and [gentle] feedback!

* * * * *

Unsung Lyrics, a Novel

Dear Sir or Madame,

I’d like to offer my 82,000 word novel, UNSUNG LYRICS, for your consideration.

When forty-six year old Megan Calloway perishes in what appears to be a freak accident, family members are devastated by their loss. Unknown to them, Megan’s death was orchestrated by God himself, and the adventure of her life is just getting started.

As Megan’s soul separates from her physical body, she is escorted to the hereafter by Azrael, the Angel of Death. Little does she know that he is leading her into a magnificent world, where she will be tested in ways she never imagined.

In the courtyard, just outside of heaven, Megan becomes submerged in The Viewing, an ethereal rite of passage in which she must participate before entering heaven. Surrounded by an audience of celestial witnesses, she comes face to face with the Creator himself and her Book of Deeds is opened for all to see, releasing living scenes from her past to rise and breathe from its pages.

“Look beneath the surface of what your eyes are seeing,” she is instructed, as The Viewing commences, prompting her to use her newfound, supernatural awareness to see beyond the layers of her destructive past.

As the spellbinding ceremony unfolds, Megan’s desperate attempts to escape a life of broken promises, alcohol abuse, and an over-bearing mother are revealed, but so is an opportunity to discover forgiveness and redemption, and to uncover a divine twist she never saw coming!

Her response will not only determine her spirit’s ultimate fate, but will impact the lives of the loved ones she’s left behind, including her bitter young daughter and heartbroken widower.

I am a member of Writers of Kern, Tehachapi Christian Arts Fellowship, and a critique group, known as “The Sisterhood of Word Weavers”. I also author two blogs, Writing in a Raindrop (writinginaraindrop.wordpress.com) and 2 Pen A Picture (2penapicture.wordpress.com).

Thank you for your time and consideration.

 Shawny Lou Miller



* * * * *

Antonio’s New World

Book 1 of a three-part children’s picture book series titled The Holy Cow Series

Dear Sir or Madame,

I’d like to offer my children’s picture book, ANTONIO’S NEW WORLD, for your consideration. This is the first book of an intended three-part series called, The Holy Cow Series.

Antonio is a little cow with a big heart, personified as a boy. He tells the story of being taken away from his single mother by Child Protective Services, due to his mom’s alcohol abuse. He is brought to the country to live with his grandparents, Mee-Moo and PawPaw. There, he wrestles with sadness and anger, as he begins to understand that he won’t be seeing his mother again anytime soon.

Thankfully, God sends a guardian angel, who is also a cow, to help Antonio during his most difficult times. The angel’s name is Holy Cow.

With the help of his grandparents and Holy Cow, Antonio develops courage and begins to understand that, with God, he is never alone.

The story is divided into three parts, providing breaks for young audiences to absorb the magnitude of what Antonio is experiencing; Part One – Antonio Gets a New Home, Part Two – Antonio Goes to a New School, and Part Three – Antonio Learns About Addiction. Questions are provided throughout the book to encourage discussion between adult readers and young listeners.

Following the release of Antonio’s New World, I intend to write two follow-up books, Antonio Helps His Friends and Antonio Gets His Mommy Back. Each story shares the real-life experiences of my grandson, Antonio, who lived with my husband and me after he was removed from his mother’s custody. 

I am a member of Writers of Kern, Tehachapi Christian Arts Fellowship, and a critique group, known as “The Sisterhood of Word Weavers”. I also author two blogs, Writing in a Raindrop (writinginaraindrop.wordpress.com) and 2 Pen A Picture (2penapicture.wordpress.com).

Thank you for your time and attention.

Shawny Lou Miller



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