Mother’s Day Makes Me Greedy

nycThis year for Mother’s Day, I’ll be flying to New York City, thanks to my gracious, newly discovered sister! Once I get there, I’ll have three days with my sister, as well as the mother we share!

We’ve got a lifetime of bonding to catch up on, and it starts this Mother’s Day weekend!


Delicious meals.

Possibly a Broadway show.

Most important, we’ll be together. I will be spending an entire weekend with two amazing women with whom I share DNA!

For those of you who have always known your biological family, that probably sounds strange. But for you adopted readers, you know exactly of what I speak!

But, as I prepare to pack for my marvelous weekend, I think of my mom who raised me and my six children, who have unselfishly sacrificed our Mother’s Day together so I could spend it with my newest family members.

I’m feeling greedy, as I try to identify a way to be with both of my moms, all of my kids, and my new sister. I don’t want to give up time with any of them. In fact I want to throw them all together with me, in a huge room, and force them to hang out with me for a week!

Quality time, just me … and all of them!

But, since they can’t all come to New York with me, I wish I could split myself into three and send one-third to NY, another to my adoptive mom, and the final third to be with my children.

Alas, I’m forced to accept that, while I will be reveling in the company of my beloved mother and sister this weekend, it is impossible to say the same about my adoptive mom and my sweet children.

It’s a precious problem to have.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of the abundant amount of people God has given me to love. I know I’ll never be able to adequately express my thanks for this gift; a gift that I haven’t earned.

Whether you’re a mother, a child who is celebrating with your mother, somebody who has lost their mother, or none of the above, I pray that you will be blessed to spend this upcoming weekend with somebody you cherish, and who treasures you in return.

My wish for you is that your life will be surrounded by people you dearly love.

I look forward to returning home on Monday and reading some of your blog posts about your amazing moms!

WIN_20140507_164031 (2)

I drew this sketch of me, as a young girl, with two of my half siblings and my birth mom. We didn’t know each other at these ages, but if we had, perhaps a portrait like this would have existed.



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