When Death Triggers Death

10390159_10202919303681061_1348889154615172089_nHello there, awesome blogging friends

It sure has been a while

Forgive my lack of reaching out

Life spun into a trial

A number of my friends saw loss

The ones I love still grieve

No words felt quite appropriate

So I chose to take a leave

It’s hard to write when pain is seen

In friends I’ve known for life

Words of joy and happiness

Conflict with tears and strife

To pull my cherished readers down

Has never been my goal

Though lighter stories do abound

The trials can take a toll

 To pay respect for those we’ve lost

I pulled away from writing

But then it hit me all at once

In grief, we must keep fighting

While those who died are not my kin

My kin are pained and crying

But if I cease to write again

How does that bless the dying?

Within my words I send a hug

A written down embrace

I take my pen and catch the tear

That trickles down a face

10294381_10202835556507434_5960999127872220704_nThe other day, I took a drive

A cruise down to the waters

Arrived in Isla Vista’s tears

Still mourning sons and daughters

“How can I write?” I asked my man

“When so many are crying?

I’d have the most depressing blog

If I only spoke of dying”

“You have to write,” my husband said

“It’s the way you know of giving

If you want to honor those who’ve died

Pay tribute through your living”

10371628_10202909707521163_7458334661599909634_nAs his words began to marinate

The truth was magnified

When I cease to write because of pain

Then death is multiplied

So here I write, through tears and joy

To live as I’m intended

Remembering my friends who cry

For those whose lives have ended

My two-week-long sabbatical

Is coming to an end

I’ll stand back up, dust off the dark

Start posting once again

Yes, come next week, my words will flow

Through happy times and grief

Rejoin the living, thanking God

My writing death was brief

I’m torn and saddened by the pain

Through which my friends are driving

I’ll be there as they slowly gain

A new way of surviving


I hope to God that through my words

They’ll know I truly love them

That joy and peace will shadow them

As their loved ones fly above them


6 thoughts on “When Death Triggers Death

  1. Death of loved ones is so hard. But for those of us who believe in God, well that’s when we need to share God’s love, compassion, and hope through our words. Even when we may not know the words to speak or write, If we ask him, he will give us just the right things to say…You’ve shown that here with your beautiful post…sometimes hope, healing and understanding comes when we least expect it too…through the healing words of God who gifted you with such wonderful writing abilities….


    • Hello dear friend (Jacque),
      Forgive my terribly delayed response to your lovely comment. For some reason, your comment was thrown into my Spam folder, which I rarely look at. Erg! Thank you for your blessed words. The part about us not knowing what to say or write is so accurate, as is the part regarding the Lord giving us the words for which we are lost. Be well, friend!


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