The Journey to Your Obituary

Flash forward. It’s the week of your death. Coffin

It’s been four days since your soul vacated its physical body.

You’re scheduled to be laid to rest in two days.

Your obituary is being typed up in the local newspaper.

Your family and friends are grieving.

… or are they?

Who will speak at your memorial service?

If he’s being honest, will the officiant have anything pleasant to say about you?

Whose lives did you touch?

Who did you help?

What did you sacrifice for a stranger?

Are you leaving behind any golden nuggets – life lessons – for your children to carry on to future generations?


It is always over too soon, no matter how long it lasts.

I wonder how many of us will go to the next world, having left this one a better place.Coffin 5

“Her house was always clean,” is something they might say at my funeral.


What a COMPLETELY wasted life I’ve lived, if that’s the best they can say of me!


Why are we here? What mark are we supposed to leave on those we’ve met? How will we have touched them? What memories of us will make them smile?

As I watch my six children, forging through life and evolving into amazing adults, each with their own struggles and triumphs, I ponder how much of their strength was learned from their mother. I hope that I’ve been an example of what grace looks like in the face of challenge. I’d like to believe that, through my actions, they’ve learned to find hope and lean on faith when they’re sinking.

I hope that they remember to …

“Always have a Plan B.”

“Don’t become angry at people who haven’t met your expectations, if you’ve never communicated what you expect of them.”

“Know your triggers and avoid them.”

“Slow down and enjoy life.”

“Say what you mean and mean what you say.”

“Don’t let guilt dictate the road you choose.”

“Stop making excuses and start finding solutions.”

Have I left them the proper “gems of wisdom” to find the peace and joy I wish for them?

An Obituary Awaits Us All

What will my obituary say? How will my headstone read?

What about yours?

While we can’t live each moment preparing for our death, nor should we do good, simply so that others will speak well of us, we are cheating ourselves and those with whom God has gifted us, if we don’t strive to find our purpose.

Coffin 4What a treasure we’ll leave for our loved ones if they can genuinely say,She accomplished her beautiful purpose,” when they wish us farewell.

I’m over forty-years-old and am finally beginning to discover who I am, but I have a long way to go before I understand why I exist and I can answer the question, “Why did God put me here?”

We Spend a Lifetime Figuring Ourselves Out

What have you learned about yourself?

Why do you think you’re here, on this earth … right now?

Whose lives are you meant to touch?

Coffin 2Once we know these things, I suppose it will be our time to float away to the next life.

But, if we don’t spend each day diligently seeking a deeper “us”, could it be said that our journey has already ended?






5 thoughts on “The Journey to Your Obituary

  1. Wow!! What a convicting message this was. I have taught my daughter what it’s like to persevere. I also hope that I have made a difference in somebodies life. I was told that I was popular at one point. I hope that being popular means I made a difference to youth and not to just exist. Anyways, thanks for sharing.

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