About Me

10322451_10202796163322629_8710738402618573704_nI’m Shawny Lou Miller.

Mom of six, wife of one, daughter of four, step-daughter of three, and daughter-in-law of one.

Check out my “Familypage and it might make a little more sense.

My Passion is Writing

Unofficially, I’ve always been a writer. Since I could hold a pencil, I’ve scribbled poetry and short stories. As a child, I enjoyed small town notoriety with publications in local newspapers and periodicals. By junior high, I’d won awards as a speech writer and public speaker, and as a career professional, written and verbal communication were the keys to my success.

Today, I pen through a journey of new discoveries through blogs, tweets, novels, and books.

What Do I Write About?

If my stories don’t make you laugh, cry, or inspire you to consider something beyond what you already know, I’ve missed the mark.

Some Current Projects …

“Unsung Lyrics” was put on my heart from the Creator Himself and continues to evolve through His grace. For more details, check out the collaborative blog that screenwriter, Mikie DeLong Pyle and I share: 2 Pen A Picture.

My other major concentration, “The Holy Cow Series”, is a series of Christian-based children’s books about addiction, written through the eyes of a child.

My birth mother, who I found in mid-2013 (after a 20-year search), is the illustrator for these books and is breathing life into the stories through a colorful collection of delightful kitchen finivisuals! (Here’s one of her illustrations —>)

Having such a diverse family and a background of struggles and triumphs, all of my writing ventures stem, to some extent, from personal experience.

Each carries a common theme: We are all broken and none of us are alone in our trials. If we’re going to survive with any measure of sanity, we need each other!

Why Read My Blog?

Your life is as baffling as mine! Come on … admit it!

Let’s try to figure this crazy “life thing” out together. We weren’t meant to do it alone. We need each other!

Writing in a RainDrop is about the travails and adventures of kids, marriage and family, exploring spirituality, and trying to live a life of integrity.  We’re all facing similar trials. We all struggle and laugh and cry and hurt. We’re not as different as we might want to believe!

I hope you’ll follow Writing in a RainDrop and partner with me as we stomp through the big and little puddles of LIFE!

If you’re feeling frisky, “Like” me on Facebook!Secret Shopper 1




8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. HI Sharon! So glad you posted your blog on Facebook. I had no idea you were a writer an I’ve loved watching your “faith journey” on FB. Look forward to following along and seeing what God has for you next. xo


    • Forgot to mention in my last reply … you were quite an inspiration for me. Right before I found you on FB, I saw that you’d published your first book, “Her Nowhere”. Way to go! Ya just never know what kind of affect your courage an fortitude can have on other writers. 🙂


  2. Hi Shawny Lou, thanks so much for following my blog! I hope that the articles will continue to be a blessing to you as your “faith flows.” I’m encouraged to read that God is working in your life! I hope that all continues to go well. All the best!


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