How is Life Like a Raindrop?

images.jpgOur life is like a raindrop

It’s here and then it leaves

And like the human spirit

It stretches and it breathes


Like life, it’s temporary

Unpredictable, as well

It didn’t know where it would land

The morning that it fell


A raindrop is a drifting soul

Though often, joined by more

A single drop gets overwhelmed

When skies begin to pour


Raindrops fade so quickly

As often do our pains

But when the drops keep falling

We are deluged by our chains


A raindrop’s like a person

Reflecting in the sun

Bringing beauty to a dying world

And hope, if just to one


Our lives are ever-changing

As is a falling drop

One day they last forever

Then suddenly, they stop


Raindrops sooth or they can slap

Depending on the season

But when the rainbow finally shines

We understand the reason


Some will love them, some will not

But drops will fall, no matter

Raindrops heal a dried-up land

And barren souls that shatter


I thank the Lord for raindrops

They’re cursed and they are blessed

Some make us suffer greatly

Others fall to help us rest


Life is like a raindrop

It’s beautiful, you see

Some stay caught inside a cloud,

While others are set free


I want my drop to matter

To leave a mark, somehow

Give hope unto the hopeless

Tomorrow, if not now


Every raindrop has a cause

A purpose and a goal

And like the human spirit

It’s an ever-searching soul


A raindrop can be innocent

Until it hits the ground

For then the drop gets trampled

And only mud is found


A tiny raindrop on our tongue

Can bring a moments hope

And get us to tomorrow

Where we’re sure to better cope


Without the rain, the world would end

As would our lives, you know

For lives are like a raindrop

They will come and they will go


Raindrops make the rivers

And the puddles where we play

And, like our lives, the rains that fall

Will, one day, fade away


Try to take the rainfall

And hold it in your hand

The tiny pool will seep away

For life is shifting sand


If you could see a raindrop

Resting, perfect, on your finger

It would whisper, “Child, endure

For challenges won’t linger


I write within the raindrop

Reflecting in its bubble

For as I write in Heaven’s tears

I pen away the trouble



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