Find it curious that I put “kids” and “family” in two separate categories?

cropped-collage-23.jpgFear not! My kids are included under the family umbrella! But there are so many of them, and each is so unique, that I gave them their own category. I figured it would help you better understand the complexity … or better yet, the realness of who we are.

I was a teen mom. Got pregnant with my oldest when I was a senior in high school. By the time I graduated in June of 1989, I was married and six months heavy with child.

Kids at Pumpkin Patch

Some of the kids at the pumpkin patch, 2013

Little did I realize the adventure on which I was embarking!

Aislynn was born the week before I turned nineteen, kicking off six years of a tumultuous escapade consisting of two more kids, lots of trials, and ultimately, a divorce.

I was a single mom with three kids, ages five, three, and nine months. For five wonderful years, we roughed it together. My angels and I struggled to survive, but grew closer by the day. Each of us remember those cherished years fondly.

Having funThen, I married the love of my life.

Never one to be outdone, Ed brought three of his own munchkins into the mix. Suddenly, I was raising six children, all under the age of thirteen!

Each one is a treasure to me. I don’t call any of them my “steps”. They’re mine. I raised them. I cried over them. I prayed over them. And some of them have been the near-death of me!

Ever experienced the heartbreak of a child addicted to drugs? Me, too.

How about a daughter, struggling with bulimia? Been there!

There are a few who, like their mother, have battled depression, especially when they’ve let their creative minds be stifled.

Fam in the backyardI have a youngster who dropped out of high school only a few weeks before graduation, a kid who graduated from college with two degrees, and everything in between, from high school diplomas to GEDs!

Some are unwed parents. All are tight on money. Some love Jesus. Some believe in Buddha. Others are still searching.

They work hard. They love hard. They fight for what they believe in.

They’re my babies. Although they’re all adults now, I worry about them as if they were still toddlers. In a sense, they are; toddlers, learning to walk independently in a very tough world. They fall. They rise. They cry. They grow.

They’re far from perfect, but they’re perfectly mine, and they’re about as real as they come!

The fam

2007 Family Photo


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