Okay, so it’s a sensi1796515_244490849055994_492368135_ntive topic, but it’s my truth and I’m not ashamed of it.

I love God and believe in Jesus. I’ve been a Christian for over twenty years, but my spiritual walk has ebbed and flowed. In 2007, after a life-changing encounter with God, my faith grew and, thankfully, there’s been a lot more flowing than ebbing lately!

I’ve experienced spiritual warfare at its finest and believe it’s a constant force with which we fight.

My family has experienced firsthand encounters with the spirit world, both good and evil. Whether through dreams, later revealed as premonitions, or through otherworldly signs, I’m convinced that we’re not alone in this world and that this carnal existence is not all there is.

I’ve got faith that moves the mountains, but that doesn’t mean I don’t battle doubt. I believe in prayer armies. I’m looking for warriors, and I’m ready to be one for others!

To follow the progress of “Unsung Lyrics”, a fictional story offering a taste of how I view spirituality and afterlife, visit my collaborative blog: www.2penapicture.wordpress.com.

You can also read detailed accounts of spiritual warfare in my future story, “Whispers on Willowbrook”. I’ll keep you posted as the novel evolves!


3 thoughts on “Spirituality

  1. it’s great to connect with another prayer warrior! I too believe as you, and reading your testimony here, it seems we have very similar stories. Spiritual warfare is very real! But through my faith, and the faith of my other prayer warriors, I’ve made it through some rough times. Thank you for connecting with me, and sharing your story here and your passion for God. You’re site is very inspiring to me 😉


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