Aislynn’s Bliss (Where’s Yours?)

Feet dangle freely


Aislynn Elise

Colors ignite

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Is everything right

Smell cotton candy

Look at the sea

They soak through her lens

She sighs, blissfully

Whether it’s through a camera’s lens, the tip of a pen, or inhaling the Spirit of Christ … find your bliss and cling to it when your world gets heavy!


Aislynn Elise

This post is dedicated to my first daughter, Aislynn Elise. Thank you for sharing your bliss through your camera lens. Yours is a beautiful world, my love! 1604426_10202361479455804_327208029_n


5 thoughts on “Aislynn’s Bliss (Where’s Yours?)

  1. Thanks so much, my friend, Levi! She truly is beautiful, insight and out. She has a good soul. Aislynn (pronounced AZE-LIN) is an Irish name, and her father is part-Irish. I thought I had Irish in me (I’m adopted but we went with it, based on what my adoptive mom thought she remembered hearing from the adoption agency). Turns out, now that I’ve found my birth family, I don’t have Irish in me! Anyway, just a tid-bit about Aislynn’s name!
    I wish you and your loved ones a joyful week!


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